Remote Control Speed boat Cruise Ship


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Ready to Go , 27.5″ Large 2.4G Remote Control Speed boat Cruise Ship Yacht for Adults Boys RC Boat Electronic Submarine 25km/h+

Packing listing

1. RC boat x1
2. Controller x1
3. Display stand x1
4. Spare propeller and spare kit x1
5. Large capacity battery x1
6. Charger x1

Dimensions: 27.5*7.9*7.9inch
Max Speed: 20-25km / h+ (reference only.)
Boat Motor: 380
Remote control distance: 100 meters
Charging time:single battery 5-6 hours/per time
Using time: 12mins
Age:14 years old +
Battery : rechargerable 8.4V 1800mAh
Function: 3WD, forwards,left,right, no retreat. The user cangoing forward, turning left, turning right to control the drection to avoid obstacles.

Night at the pier

Neon lights, tall buildings, beautiful ports, and cruise ships moored.
I heard that sports cars and bags are not a sign of wealthy people. I heard that rich gentlemen now like to buy cruise ships by themselves and take their family, relatives and friends for outings. However, ordinary people have no chance to board a cruise ship, because a cruise ticket can be very expensive.

Therefore, we use these luxury cruise ships as prototypes to design a simulated remote-controlled electric cruise ship, driven by two high-power motors, 3WD enables the ship to drive freely on the lake in the hands of the user.

This is a real cruise ship.


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