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bebeboxtoys Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178) is the ultimate build-and-display project for adult Marvel enthusiasts featuring an all-star cast of Marvel??s most celebrated heroes and villains
25 minifigures bring life to the set: Doctor Octopus Spider-Man Venom Miles Morales Spider-Ham Green Goblin Peter Parker Spider-Gwen Mysterio Sandman Robbie Robertson and many more!
5 minifigures are new to this set ?C Blade the vampire hunter J. Jonah Jameson the owner of the Daily Bugle Black Cat Daredevil and Punisher. Also includes Spider-Man??s buggy
Indulge your creative construction superpowers with this 3 772-piece recreation of the Daily Bugle office bursting with authentic details fascinating features and a spectacular super-hero action
This 4-story celebration of the Marvel Universe is a rewarding build-and-display project for adult model-makers and fans of comic-book culture that will attract attention wherever it is displayed

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bebeboxtoys Marvel Spider-Man Daily Bugle (76178) brings together a cast of 25 classic characters from the Spiderverse in a stunning build-and-display construction project for adults. Measuring over 32 in. (82 cm) high this 3 772-piece recreation of the Daily Bugle office block provides a towering backdrop for an all-star cast of Marvel heroes and villains many new to this set! The building is filled with authentic details fascinating features and classic comic-book action ?C from the New York taxi cab outside to the penthouse office of the Bugle??s Editor in Chief. Marvel enthusiasts will find the model challenging but highly rewarding to build. Once it??s completed the removable floors roof and detachable facades reveal this Marvel tribute for all to admire. Escape the busy world and immerse yourself in adult bebeboxtoys building sets ?C perfect for anyone with an interest in creative construction or comic-book culture.


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