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TOILET TALK: The strategy is to find similarities between your Poop card and the item on your TP card. The fun begins when your descriptions of those items make them sound SIMILAR. For example you lay down a Poop card for everyone to see that says ??Scab?? and your hidden TP card that everyone is trying to guess is a Coconut. One of the questions you answer is ??What does it feel like??? You say ??It??s rough and scratchy on the outside but soft and wet on the inside.?? That sounds like a scab even though you are describing a coconut. Have fun Poop Lovers!
FUN: Take the laughs to the next level with It??s Not Poop the fun family game for kids and adults that will keep the whole gang entertained for hours; The objective of this ridiculous poop game is simple use your creative thinking to describe an object that sounds like poop but is actually something else; Nothing but good clean fun for kids aged 8 to 108
ORIGINAL: This card game for kids and adults is the result of one father??s creativity and a very long car trip with his son; Faced with hours of numbing boredom It??s Not Poop is the invention of necessity; We??ve adapted our game for adults and family groups so now everyone can join in the fun
EASY: If you??re in need of card games for families that everyone can enjoy It??s Not Poop is the answer; Winning our family card game takes only three correct guesses to be crowned King of the Royal Flush and declared the victor; This all round family game is suited for people aged 8 and up
QUALITY: When you??re in search of games for family groups that will stand up to the rowdiest gameplay It??s Not Poop is for you; Our fun card games are crafted on high quality paper stock that??s built to last; When you need games for family game night that are as tough as you It??s Not Poop is the answer
PORTABLE: Families on the go love how It??s Not Poop is lightweight compact and portable; For travel games or camping games that easily fit in your luggage without taking up space It??s Not Poop is the solution; a great family guessing game for fun on the road It??s Not Poop goes wherever the adventure takes you

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Poop Filled Family Fun

Question: ??What??s brown long and sticky???

Our ridiculously fun family card game is all about using your creativity and talent to guess the object. An original creation borne out of a long car ride with a very bored Idaho family this card game for kids and adults has been designed right here in the USA. Flush away boredom and say hello to hours of good clean fun with our family game. Oh and if you??re wondering what the answer is; it??s a stick. Most definitely we can assure you that It??s Not Poop.

One: Pick up Your Poop

To get started draw three poop cards and three TP cards from the deck. Every player gets three of each card. Hold on to these you??re going to need them later. This is one of those games for family game night where things can get a little messy!

Two: Throw Your Poop

To begin throw down a poop card so everyone can see. You must also place a TP card face-down which features an ordinary item on it like a coconut a shoe or a rock. Describe theordinary object while embellishing the details to make it sound like the gross card you just showed everyone. The competing player who guesses right wins the TP Card!

Three: Is it Poop?

It??s not all about you other players also get to take a turn riding the porcelain bus. When the competing player is describing the object listen carefully as you??ll have to guess the item before your opposing teammates get it right. We??ll give you a little clue for a game night advantage?? It??s Not Poop!

Four: King of Poop

Rise like a golden floater wearing a crown of brown as you lord your triumph over your opponents. Being declared the winner of this family game for game night is easy. Simply be the first player with three correct guesses to be declared King or Queen of poop and reign victorious.

The Family that Poops Together Stays Together

People love this poop game for the laughter it brings. Better still It??s Not Poop fits easily in your bag or luggage and makes an ideal camping game or travel game when you need screen-free entertainment on the road. What??s more this family card game is crafted on ultra durable card stock that will last a lifetime no matter how riotous things get. It??s Not Poop is hours of laughter for kids aged 8 to 108.


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