11Pcs Star-Wars Mandalorian Toys Clone Trooper Actio_Army figures toys


???For star-wars Fans??These blocks are made according to the proportion of mandalorian. every element of the minifigures is displayed in a building block model which is a great collection.
???Mini size mandalorian building blocks?? Our mandalorian building block minifigure building block is fully assembled and size high: 1.77inches
???Fun minifigure??Build and play with these minifigures you can enjoy the fun while not getting bored and improving your hands-on ability can stimulate imagination and experience and it is a perfect gift.
???Quality materials??Our building block minifigures are made of ABS plastic certified by international environmental standards. the product itself has no peculiar smell and is harmless to the human body. each building block minifigures is fully mechanically processed and polished and finally undergoes manual inspection and packaging sufficient quality assurance.
???100% Guarantee??If there is any problem with the product please contact us. We will do our best to help you until the problem is resolved. We are online 24/7.

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