ProTek RC Bags: Why You Should Use RC Carrying Cases

ProTek RC Bags: Why You Should Use RC Carrying Cases

What to Look For In a ProTek RC Bag

Are you ready for your next RC vehicle event? Let us quickly run
through your checklist together. You have your vehicle, of course, and the
radio transmitter as well. You have a little extra of the fuel source,
whether it is a tank of gas or a few fully-charged batteries. Spare parts,
tools for adjusting or replacing pieces, the works — yes, you are all set.

Now, how are you going to take all these things to the event? This is where
a carrying case, especially a Protek RC bag, comes in handy. If you do not
have one or want to replace your current bag, read on for our professional

Why Get a Carrying Case at All?

Readers who do not own a carrying case may see little need for a
specialized tote bag. Why not simply use a regular backpack, knapsack,
purse, suitcase, or even some grocery bags? Many people already have one or
more at home. If we already use them to lug other stuff around, why not RC
cars, parts, and accessories as well?

The difference is that RC cars, parts, and accessories are delicate. Even
if they are upgraded to endure destruction derbies, they are still made
from hundreds of tiny components. All must synchronize to make the vehicle
function, and all must be in tip-top shape for tip-top performance. You
could certainly try to use any of the aforementioned holders, but do not be
surprised if your car accrues damage along the way.

The RC vehicle community, practical and ingenious as ever, responds to this
concern by designing and making specialized carrying cases. They have
plenty of pockets and layers, each padded with foam or similar
impact-dampening materials. They offer the safe storage that your vehicle
needs. Get one if you want to make the most of your investment in this
hobby and if you want the best for your fragile vehicle.

Important Qualities for RC Car Carrying Cases

Just having any old RC car carrying case may not be enough, of course.
There are plenty of shabby products out there, as well as plenty that is
good but not great. We advise getting the best one you can afford. In this
section, we will highlight some important qualities to consider when
shopping, using ProTek RC bags as our go-to examples.

Appropriate Size

The variety of sizes in RC vehicle carrying cases reflects the variety of
sizes in RC vehicles. Whether you command a large 4×4 or own a fleet of
pocket-sized autos, you need to select the right bag for the car. You can
usually find that information in the name — for example, the

ProTek RC P-8 1/8 Buggy Super Hauler Bag

. Otherwise, the description will tell you what you need to know.

Heavy-Duty Outer Material

What good is a carrying case for delicate objects if the bag itself is not
strong? The material should be made from a tough fiber that resists
tearing, stretching, and other hazards. Ideally, one carrying case should
last a long time, enduring many trips to and from the track. ProTek RC boasts a sturdy material that is also easy to clean.

Plenty of Pockets

One way that dedicated carrying cases distinguish themselves from
all-purpose packs is that they have multiple pockets on the inside.
Stuffing everything in the same space risks having everything bump into
each other. This alternative approach gives different objects their own
space. The aforementioned Super Hauler Bag comes with three layers of
“drawers.” One is larger than the rest, to accommodate a 1:8-scale buggy.
The others are for parts and accessories.

Excellent Cushioning

Padding is arguably the most important aspect of any RC car carrying case.
Each item you want to tote could have its pocket and plenty
of space to itself. Without an additional layer of pressure-absorbing foam
within the dividers, intense jostling and drops to the floor could still
prove too much. The dividers in the

Protek RC 1/8 Buggy Carrier Bag

and its 1/10 counterpart feature a thin layer wrapped in three-ply
heavy-duty material.

Easy Yet Secure Access

Every carrying bag maker must strike the balance between convenience and
security. It should be easy to open on purpose, so the user can swiftly
insert or extract contents any time they want. At the same time, it should
be tough to open on accident, so nothing spills out to the floor. ProTek’s
Super Hauler Bag employs protective zipper tabs and plenty of Velcro
straps, which combine to provide excellent security.

Convenient Carrying Handle

If you will have to haul a burly bag all day, it should be easy to tote and
comfortable at the point of skin contact. Shoppers can choose from a few
different approaches. The

ProTek RC Pit Caddy

, designed to hold tools for pit crew, feature an elevated padded handle
that feels good on the palms. One can connect shoulder straps to the Buggy
Carrier Bags for easy carrying. The Super Hauler Bag even has wheels and a
retractable handle, like a suitcase.


This quality is unusual in our list because it does not address a practical
concern. Even so, we know that how a bag looks can be quite important to
some people as they carry it in public. We cannot advise you on the best
style of RC car carrying case. You know your tastes best. We can only
advise that style should go hand-in-hand with more practical qualities and
not take major precedence.

Protek RC Bags at

RC car carrying cases may not seem essential at first glance. However, they
are must-haves if you plan to take your vehicles around with any frequency.
We hope this guide helps you make an informed shopping decision.

The four ProTek RC bags used as examples throughout this article are
available here at You can also choose from a variety of

RC carrying cases

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