Are Chinese toys safe?


Toys Manufacturing In China – The Secret Network Behind The Big Names

  Toys manufacturing in China is big business in America.

Are Chinese toys safe?

   90% of the toys in the world are made in China, which is of course safe.

  By asking this question, I would need to assume that toys made in China is unsafe for all Children, not only yours, unless your child is special and allergic to toys made in China.

And logically thinking, it would then be impossible since Toys made in China are used by a lot of other children, including Chinese children. I don’t see how China can be the most populous country in the world if their children are constantly exposed to toys made in China which is percieved as a threat to Children, unless Chinese children are the only species that are immune to toys made in China and thus making them safe from any such percieved threats.

  Did you understand my answer or was it too complicated?

Of course. As long as toys made in China are designed to be safe and then the manufacturing is monitored for quality assurance. A toy that has parts that can come off and present a choking hazard is not safe. A toy with high levels of lead or caustic materials is not safe. Ensuring products don’t have either is a matter of design, material specifications, certifications and testing. It doesn’t matter if the toy is made in Shenzhen or South Carolina.

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  According the US Commerce Department, 9 out of every 10 toys bought in the US are now made abroad, with China manufacturing accounting for a majority of these imports.

  The largest and most famous toy manufacturers in the U.S. like LEGO, Mattel and Hasbro are actually manufactured in China. Even the toys manufactured in America import many of their components from China.

  China commands nearly 75 percent of the 30 billion dollar global toy market.

  HKTDC Research says the vast majority of China’s toy exports are manufactured by OEMs. That means most of the world’s biggest toy brands rely on China for their toys in one way or another.

  China has a lot of depth in the manufacturing of toys. Despite the potential problems of toy manufacturing in China, moving manufacturing to China could be a wise decision.

  Low Labor Cost Advantage

  One of the main reasons companies start to think about toys manufacturing in China is because of low labor costs.

  There are over 1.3 billion people in China’s labor force. The competition for employment is fierce. Manufacturing companies in China can easily find lots of people who are willing to put in long hours for relatively low wages.

  From a manufacturing company’s perspective, this gives them the ability to scale production as high as they want for seasonal products and products that suddenly become successful. This provides a lot of peace of mind for the company marketing its products.

  Comprehensive Network Of Services And Suppliers

  Every toy manufactured in China requires tools, parts and materials. Over the years, China has developed sophisticated networks of government agencies and distributors. Their ecosystem includes low-wage laborers, a deep and wide base of skilled workers, component manufacturers, assembly providers and logistical support.

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